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Quality Policy

Star Alloy Industries

Quality being of prime importance, all our activities revolve around managing and maintaining efficient Quality Management System. This provides the basis required for reliable planning, management and implementation of the quality characteristics in an organized and reproducible form. The focus is on a process-orientated approach. All the areas from initial client contacts to final inspection and product dispatch are closely monitored by proficient people. The entire team of the company works as one functional unit towards a common goal of efficient Quality Management. In order to achieve high standards of quality constantly as per demand of our valued buyers, we strictly inspect all our process involved in the production of the product. We have our own latest & updated modern laboratory equipped for material testing, both chemically & physically.

At Stay Alloy Industries our employees adhere to and contribute to the efficiency of our quality system in every aspect of our business. Our commitment guarantees to provide our customers with uncompromising quality and service. This is achieved through a team approach where all the members are aware of the company objectives and work within their own discipline to make effective contributions.

To verify that the supply made to our clients are of exact specifications, our quality control team combines technical expertise, knowledge of industrial standards and the latest inspection tools and machines to meet their requirements. Particular attention is paid to high quality, tolerance and traceability.

Quality Analysis & Testing Facilities

A. Chemical Testing
  • Spectrometer–Latestgermanymake “Spectromaxx” 19 Channels Direct Reading Optical Emission Spectrometer
B. Physical/ Mechanical Testing
  • Rockwellhardness Tester
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Microscope
  • Micrometers, Calipers, Verniers & Guages

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